Project Location Country Type Year
Extension of the Modern Art Gallery at Palazzo dei Diamanti Ferrara Italy Cultural 2018
A. Vittoria Fine Arts High School Trento Italy Educational 2017
E. Fermi Secondary School Torino Italy Educational 2017
A room in the garden Padova Italy Residential 2017
Stephenson 86 Milano Italy Commercial 2016
Stazione Zoologica Anton Dohrn Napoli Italy Educational 2016
Social and Health Centre Bolzano Italy Healthcare 2016
Z. house Rovigo Italy Residential 2015
Intergenerational neighbourhood Coldrerio Switzerland Civic 2015
Renovation of A. house Padova Italy Residential 2015
Nursing home Losone Switzerland Healthcare 2015
Student Residence Malles Italy Educational 2014
Villa #12 Simapo Island China Residential 2014
Marconi and Lèvinas Vocational Schools Merano Italy Educational 2013
Bortolin winery extension Valdobbiadene Italy Commercial 2012
Mediacenter at MDW Wien Austria Educational 2012
Kindergarten and rehearsal studio Sluderno Italy Educational 2011
Office Building Bolzano Italy Civic 2010
You can download a list of our works at the link below: