Kindergarten and rehearsal studio, Sluderno, 2012

Kindergarten and rehearsal studio

The square, the simplest geometric form used in architecture, gives an architectonic answer to the different functional demands. The building is composed of an elementary cell, rotated and juxtaposed three times.
The process pursues rich spatial relationships and volumetric variety through simple cubic elements. This process is analogous to children's games, where children create a fabulous world with simple objects.
Wood is the principle material of the building: its warmth, its natural character, contributes to positively stimulate the senses of the young guests.

Date: 2012
Location: Sluderno
Country Italy
Client: Comune di Sluderno
Status: Competition - 3rd prize
Project team: Orazio Basso, Davide Scagliarini (studioarchitettura associati) with Alessandro Simonato