Bortolin Winery Extension, Valdobbiadene, 2012

Bortolin Winery Extension

The main purpose of this project is to ideally reunite the first and the last element of the production cycle: the grapevine and the wine. This relationship is currently not so clear, due to the division between the winery and its vineyards. From this premise, the form of the most representative space of the winery develops: the tasting space. This function is positioned in a glazed pavilion surrounded by vines and looking out towards the southern hills.
The fa├žade provides the supporting structure: it is composed of columns that support a flat roof. The structure is completely made of wood.

Date: 2012
Location: Valdobbiadene
Country Italy
Client: Bortolin Angelo Valdobbiadene
Status: Invited competition
Project team: Alessandro Simonato with Orazio Basso, Davide Scagliarini