Mediacenter at MDW, Wien, 2012

Mediacenter at MDW

The Media Center building completes the south side of the MDW campus - the University of Music and Performing Arts Wien. The new building employs a type of traditional courtyard building (Hof) however in a contemporary interpretation.
The building is conceived like a chest: the minor spaces surround major rooms, sophisticated and precious instruments dedicated to music production. These rooms, placed inside the courtyard, follow each other in a spiral motion. The sequence ends with the library, illuminated by skylights.

Date: 2012
Location: Wien
Country Austria
Client: Bundesimmobiliengesellschaft m.b.H.
Status: International Competition
Project team: Orazio Basso, Davide Scagliarini (studioarchitettura associati) with Alessandro Simonato, Gianni Breda (structural engineering), Eleonora Strada (acoustic consultant), Energytech GMBH (services engineer)