Villa #12, Simapo Island, 2014

Villa #12

This luxury villa is located in the Island of Sima, an exclusive golf club in southern China.
The project combines the Mediterranean architectural tradition with rationalism: a typical patio house, where we find the master suite and rooms, is superimposed on an open-plan ground floor that contains the living areas. The transparency of the ground floor is counterposed to the introversion of the first floor, where private spaces surround the two patios.
The design is characterized by its material, glass. On the ground floor, wide sliding windows allow a close relationship with the surrounding nature. A glass brick wall surrounds the first floor giving privacy to the private spaces.

Date: 2014
Location: Simapo Island
Country China
Client: Private
Status: Concept, preliminary design, final design
Project team: W.E.I. engineering with Orazio Basso, Stefania Previati, Davide Scagliarini, Alessandro Simonato (studioarchitettura associati)