Nursing home, Losone, 2015

Nursing home

A key aim for the design is to enhance the site and the nearby areas with a new park that connects the existing nursing home "Fondazione Patrizia" and the new structure.
The new nursing home is a clear and functional 3-storey building; its height is proportionate to that of the nearby constructions.
The simplicity of the external volume is combined with an internal spatial richness.
The three storeys are organized around a courtyard that shifts to each level. This movement creates a sequence of ascendant spaces connected visually.
The common spaces, dining rooms and living rooms are situated around these spaces situated in opposition to the more private single rooms.

Date: 2015
Location: Losone
Country Switzerland
Client: Fondazione Patrizia
Status: Competition, 2nd prize
Project team: Orazio Basso, Stefania Previati, Davide Scagliarini (studioarchitettura associati), Alessandro Simonato, W.E.I.'N Venice (engineering)