A room in the garden, Padova, 2017

A room in the garden

The context is an ordinary residential neighborhood, composed of detached family and terraced houses with small private gardens.
The project is a response to the request of a family owning one of these houses for a new living space surrounded by greenery: a room in the garden.
The small addition is glazed completely on three sides. Large counterposed sliding windows allow this space to open in the summer season.
The structure is connected to the ground by a large planter, a type of small garden situated inside the larger home garden. Opposing this, on the internal side, an existing balcony is integrated to the new structure.
The uniformity of material characterizes the internal space: windows frames, floor and cladding are made from durmast wood with a water-based topcoat.
On the external side the window frames are clad with anodized aluminum.
From the side view, the structure assumes the features of a kneeling figure.

Date: 2017
Location: Padova
Country Italy
Client: private
Status: built
Project team: Orazio Basso, SPC (engineering)